The Temperance Movement – The House of Music, Portland, Maine, September 17th, 2016

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I said it before and I’ll say it again – there is nothing like going to a show with absolutely no expectations and being blown away. It is common knowledge that if you are going to see someone like ZZ Top or The Stones that you are going to see a great show. You know the band, you know the music, and you have heard from a million people how good they are live, hell you might even own one of their live DVDs. Easy pickings, so to speak. But sometimes I put in for shows on a whim because maybe I dug the name or I heard a friend mention them at one time. Case in point – The Temperance Movement. A woman I know from the other side of The Pond posted that they were one of her favorite bands, and I recalled seeing their name listed as coming into Portland, Maine for a show so I put in to cover it. And as you could probably tell by my intro, I am glad that I did.

The House of Music in Portland is quite nice. A rather new venue, smaller in size, a large enough stage, and friendly staff. Lighting could’ve been better, a lot of reds and blues and rather dark at times, but the sound was great. I made my way in, after a mix up with my name not appearing on the guest list, and by the time all was cleared up the front rows at the foot of the stage were filled in so I made my home on the upper part of the venue that was stage left and at the same height as the stage. I must admit it was a little strange shooting a show from this angle, but it was still fun.

The Temperance Movement was great. They had no opening act and started the show just after 9 p.m. As I mentioned above, I have never heard of the band before and didn’t know any of their material, but from what I heard from other fans who attended they played a great mix of both old and new songs. The band reminded me a bit of The Black Crowes or Rival Sons with that front porch jam band vibe but with the rock n roll attitude to give it a kick in the pants. An hour and a half later they left the stage, and joined the crowd to talk, hang out, take photographs with fans, and sign merchandise.

The show was great, the musicianship was great, the band were generous and easy to talk with, and even the fans were great. I was very pleased to have caught this show. I also found out earlier in the year they were here in Portland in 2015 supporting Blackberry Smoke. Sorry I missed that one.

The Setlist:

Only Friend – Magnify – Three Bullets – Be Lucky – Smouldering – White Bear – Midnight Black – Sun And Moon – Lorraine – Pride – Ain’t No Telling – Battle Lines – Get Yourself Free – Take It Back

Encore: Lovers and Fighters

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