Slightly Stoopid – Maine State Pier, Portland, Maine, July 21, 2016

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Overlooking the Casco Bay, the Maine State Pier was the landing zone for a night of supreme Ska/Reggae/Punk music delivered by Slightly Stoopid. Following a killer performance by SOJA, Slightly Stoopid took to the stage at 8:00 p.m. to an audience primed for a full evening of singing, dancing, screaming, and, of course, smoking.  Keep in mind, to experience a Slightly Stoopid concert to the fullest extent, full participation is required. To sit, talk on your phone, or visit with your friends is a sure way to cheat yourself out of experiencing the true calming exhilaration Slightly Stoopid has to offer.

From the opening number “I’m So Stoned,” Slightly Stoopid flexed some muscle and left no doubt who was in charge of the Maine State Pier. The thick, rhythmic bass lines coupled with the percussion and horn section served as a foundation so that the lead guitar, keyboard, and vocals could build an unwavering skyscraper of Reggae/Ska. Song after song, co-founders Kyle McDonald and Miles Doughty delivered the Slightly Stoopid brand of music made complete on a sound system second to none. Each section of this band highlights the others, but it is the bass that drives this machine. Both Kyle McDonald and Miles Doughty trade off as lead vocals, lead guitar, and bass and are equally strong at each task.

A few songs into the set, Kyle looked out at the crowd and said “Can I get a Fuck Yeah?” Of course the response from the Maine crowd was deafening which only encouraged SS to dish some more Ska to satisfy the appetite of the Maine audience ready to consume as much music as possible! Speaking of consuming, deeper into the evening, Miles appeared to light up a “cigarette” on stage and was generous enough to hand it off to an appreciative member of the audience. A Slightly Stoopid concert is all about having a good time and living in the moment, and Kyle McDonald and Miles Doughty go out of their way to assure that is happening. If anyone had any doubt or fear of being themselves, Slightly Stoopid gave each person positive reinforcement by performing their version of the classic Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band song “Express Yourself” and those in attendance definitely did.

A couple friends from Ocean Beach, California, Slightly Stoopid’s Kyle McDonald and Miles Doughty began playing music that appealed to them in high school.  They have turned that style and sound into a complete powerhouse Ska/Reggae working-class band – complete with their own personal recording studio.  Whether anyone at the Maine State Pier realized it or not, they all witnessed something impressive – serious musicians who managed to build a dream into reality while staying grounded and translating their success into a good time for all to enjoy.

At approximately 9:30 p.m. Slightly Stoopid ended their set, walked off the stage, and reveled in the fact that they provided 90+ minutes of escape from reality for the packed house at the Maine State Pier. This is one band that should not be missed whenever they visit your town!


Slightly Stoopid Set List:

1. Champion

2. Stones

3. Mr. Officer

4. Up On a Plane

5. Hold it Down

6. No One Stops US Now

7. Just Thinkin’

8. Franklins Tower

9. This Version

10. Prayer for You

11. Pussy

12. Bandoz

13. Prophet

14. Del Roy

15. 2AM

16. Serious Man

17. Devils Door

18. Struggla

19. Don’t Stop

20. Don’t Care

21. Anywhere I go

22. Cantina Song

23. Collie Man

24. Train

25. No Cocaine

26. Express Yopurself

27. Territorial Pissing

28. If This World

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