Sari Schorr – The Brickhouse, Scarborough, Maine, August 21st, 2016

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The end of a beautiful thing…

The Brickhouse is exactly as it reads – a Brick House, nestled in a patch of woods in Scarborough, just far enough off the beaten path to keep the noise complaints to a minimum yet close enough to make the evening commute a cakewalk. The Brickhouse is actually home to Paul and Cheryl Williams, and for five years they have invited 50 to 75 of their friends to enjoy the music of some pretty large, yet smaller, national acts, names like Popa Chubby, Sean Mullins, Victor Wainwright, Sean Chambers, and so many more.
When Paul started this venture, he ran into a small snafu with the city of Scarborough who threatened to cite him for unlawful assembly, or something to that effect, as well as the house was not equipped with enough bathrooms etc. Paul took it to the steps of City Hall, claiming it was just a house party. An agreement was made that he would no longer advertise prices for tickets, and instead there was a “suggested donation” which always went straight to the bands. Paul never kept a penny of that money for himself, and more often than not, ended up dipping into his own pocket to pay the bands for their time if donations were low.

Nights at The Brickhouse have now come to an end. What started out as a labor of love slowly began to turn into just plain labor, and with other ventures on the horizon, Paul and Cheryl decided this year to pull the plug. Paul has promised that there still may be a couple of bigger shows in the coming year but that those shows will be held elsewhere and will feature a festival setting.

On this night, the second to the last show at The Brickhouse was held outside and featured one of New York’s greatest blues-rock singers, Miss Sari Schorr. Due to the date and a million other events happening on the same night, the crowd was light. This made it kind of bittersweet when Paul took the stage to thank the folks who did turn out, but it also made for a more intimate setting, and just maybe a fitting way to end a good run.

Sari’s set was great. She played a lot off her latest album, released Sept 2, entitled A Force of Nature. I picked up a copy at the show, and I can testify that it is truly a nice piece of work from the first cut to the last. If you dig straight up rock-blues like that of Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin, you will dig Sari Schorr.

Sari’s set was short but powerful, and she not only gave us a tidbit of what might come on her next release but also a clue as to whom might perform on it. Sorry for the teaser, but I have been sworn to secrecy and wouldn’t want to jinx it not happening. I will say it is a 70s icon, Ok, now I have said too much.

Check out Sari Schorr at her website: and pick up her latest release. Mark my words – you won’t be sorry you did.

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