Roses Unread – “Fallen” Single Review

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If you need some new metal to start 2015, take a listen to Allison Teague Purifoy and Roses Unread. Straight out of Tennessee and independent, Roses Unread are working for their big break and earning every fan. With several albums already to their career, they are hard at work on the latest. Maine Music News received their newest single, “Fallen,” for an advance listen. The release date for their latest album is yet to be announced, but if you’re interested in starting your collection, take a look at our review for their 2013 self-titled release here.

Roses Unread mixes Purifoy’s vocals, sweet and complex and stunningly smooth, with melodic metal’s heavy, driving, machine gunner beat and guitar riffs delivered with tight precision and intensity. This combination creates, as expected, an unusual and interesting juxtaposition. Purifoy isn’t competing with the music, she’s riding it. While female metal vocalists are few and far between, Roses Unread is no novelty; they are solid musicians staying true to their vision and their fans. Top that off with lyrical content that explores the pain and struggles of life, and Roses Unread delivers a delicate dance able to soothe any metal soul while it melts the speakers.

Fallen” is as straightforward as earlier material, drawing the listener into the melody and the hook. With death growl backing vocal tidbits thrown in for the true metal lover, this single portends that Roses Unread will not be giving up their earlier roots and influences, but the industrial, pounding opening may mean “Fallen” is taking Roses Unread into an even heavier direction. We will just have to wait and see what the new release brings…

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