Rock and Roll Intel

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Dear Music Fans,

Everybody’s doing it, and Maine Music News is gearing up to do it, too.  That’s right, it is time for a blog. Along with the photography and the latest show dates and music news, we are jumping in to give our readers even more substance and connection to music in the form of Rock and Roll Intel.

Before I go on, let me introduce myself.  I am Ann Joles, and if you’ve seen Chris at a local show, you may have seen me somewhere in the crowd scribbling down notes for a review.  That’s part of the story behind this blog. Just a few years ago, Chris volunteered me to write reviews.  I’m usually up for a challenge so I gave my first live review a go.  Next, I tackled album reviews.  Pretty soon I was interviewing artists.  In case you are wondering, yes – it is as much fun as it sounds!  However, I quickly learned that I understand precious little about the music industry, which is not surprising since I’m not a professional musician.  So I’ve been tackling that topic, too.  You’ve heard the one about nailing jello to a tree?  That’s an accurate description of trying to get a handle on the music business.  And don’t forget technology: piracy, iTunes, music streaming, YouTube, and crowd sourcing, just to name a few.

So if I’m no expert then what made me decide to write a blog?  I believe that music lovers need useful information, not more noise.   It is true, countless music industry pundits have been talking about music in blog posts for a few years.  The trouble is, many of those folks are dedicated to ranting about the demise of music.  Music industry messages are just as suspect, spinning the latest sales numbers and painting a rosy picture of their endeavors to support artists.    It reminds me of the cable news coverage of elections.   There should be another option.

Rock and Roll Intel is designed to do two things:  1) help the average fan understand the moving parts of the music industry, and 2) more importantly, help fans to effectively support music.  Don’t tell Beyonce or Taylor Swift, but I really don’t care about their welfare – they have handlers and a record label.  I’m more concerned about the wonderful, small, interesting acts that are on the road trying to pay the bills and make a career in music.  Fans make, or break, those bands.  Along with research, MMN will be using our access to artists and other industry professionals to keep our readers informed and empowered.  It’s a tough assignment, but we are always willing to talk to more rock stars.

Stay tuned.  Support Live Music!  Next Post:  Live Nation information.

Feel free to email us at with questions – I said questions, not ranting or bitching or complaining – and leave comments and ideas on Facebook.

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