Prospect Hill – Impact – Album Review

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It is April in Maine, and even though Mother Nature is slow to unleash Spring, it is time to get out and see some live rock and roll! Can I get an Amen? I know you’re with me on this, fans and friends. I know you are just itching to be there in the crowd, drink in hand, and enjoying the music. You can feel it, can’t you? Sounds good, doesn’t it? I’ve got just the thing. Prospect Hill is coming to town.

If you haven’t heard of Prospect Hill then you need to listen up. Roll video, please….

Coming to Rockland, Maine’s Time Out Pub April 26th, the boys from just north of Boston will be bringing their brand of rock and roll to the rocky Maine coast. That is a lot of rock in one sentence – must be a good sign for a kick ass Saturday night show!

Known for their high energy live performances that have gained respect and devoted fans, Prospect Hill is touring the country trying to build their fan base and break out on the national scene. This band is not sitting around for fame to find them – they are hunting it down. Getting air play with recent releases, this band is about to have IMPACT. I couldn’t resist. Their latest cd, number four, released in August 2012, yes, you guessed it – “IMPACT” – is a line up destined to gain traction. Hard enough to keep rock and roll fans happy and radio friendly all at the same time, “IMPACT” combines tight musical arrangement with interesting and intelligent lyrical talent. These tunes are catchy, motivating, and fun.

Prospect Hill combines the elements of metal with intelligence, not too much but not too little, they craft their songs to be lively and gritty. This music is nicely designed. Adam Fithian’s vocals run wide open from rock growl to easily blending in on a ballad, soft and endearing, but always interesting and engaged. Guitars from Derek Rousseau and John Roberge are lively, fun, and have just enough edge at the right times. Mark Roberge’s drums set a tone that is straightforward and relentless. Edgar Troncoso’s bass is forward and important, providing a full, complete sound.

Here is the “IMPACT” Run Down:

“Townie” is a rattling, hard edge sound that lets lead vocalist Adam Fithian growl out his dismay at those not striving for more. “You are forever this town. Why have you become so content?” Followed up by “Life Goes On,” the boys in Prospect Hill are clearly not ones to take anything sitting down. With a hard pounding drum and clear guitar riffs, “Life Goes On” asks “do you even care…you had your shot, you had your chance, you threw it all away and watched it all pass you by.” By the end of these two songs I was evaluating my career plan. The guitar and bass line are hard-knuckled and ripping.

Slowing down for “Superhero,” a cool, expansive ballad, Fithian sings “Don’t you cry those tears, I’ll save you, let me be your superhero.” This is perfect for a John Cusack boom box moment. Please take note, that no, sharing ear buds is not the same.

“Say Uncle” gives a brief space age interlude before we are hit hard and fast with the opening of popular “Come Alive,” reportedly written about a friend’s battle with prescription drug addiction. “A walking zombie inside…come alive, you’re wasting time…face up to all your fears.” This is again, another thoughtful, motivating offering with a terrific beat.

“Roller Coaster” starts off like the backhanded slap of a surprise break up, moody and edgy in both arrangement and vocals, this song opens up to offer a great guitar riff. Speaking of breaking up, “Reflections” is softer, lighter, a bit pensive, and with a great guitar melody. “No its not you, it’s me…should I stay or should I go?” I’m seeing a theme here. “Breakdown” follows next. Asking for more and to break down those proverbial walls around the heart, “Breakdown” pleads a bit, allowing Fithian’s vocals to deepen and lean toward the broken hearted.

Next “Rescued” layers images of hope in a heavy rock mix. “Time” blends a fast pace with time to slow down as the tune opens up. “Do you remember those words you used to say? I wish. I was. I will be. We all fall down. The curtain falls.” Blending lead and backing vocals, “Time” is urgent and relentless in both music and message. Finally, “Reach” carries on that message of motivation. “This is your revolution, just give into your dream…it’s all within your reach.”

“IMPACT” packs a punch but not in all the typical prepackaged way. With producer Anthony J Resta, Prospect Hill isn’t taking the easy way out. They have a sound that works and are banking on lyrics that challenge and inspire, creating a narrative that is real but still fighting to win. That explains why this band is willing to play their way across the nation to make a living making music. We wish them all the best.

Maine Music News will be in Rockland chatting with the band before the night begins. The interview and a show review will be coming soon. Stop by and say hello at the show!


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