Parker McCollum with Special Guests Corey Kent and George Birge

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Maine Savings Amphitheater, Bangor, Maine – May 26th, 2024

On a cool, breezy evening in Bangor, the Maine Savings Amphitheater hosted an unforgettable night of country music with Parker McCollum headlining, supported by special guest Corey Kent and opener George Birge. The refreshing air added a touch of magic to a night already packed with stellar performances.

George Birge kicked off the night, quickly winning over the crowd with his natural stage presence and engaging persona. His blend of traditional country with a modern twist hit all the right notes, especially during his performance of “Mind on You,” which had everyone singing along. Birge’s genuine connection with the audience set the perfect tone for the evening.

Next up was Corey Kent, whose raw, powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics captivated the crowd. Highlights from his set included “Wild as Her” and “Gold.” Kent’s ability to mix intensity with vulnerability made his performance memorable. His excitement about joining Parker McCollum for “Hell of a Year” later in the night added extra anticipation.

By the time Parker McCollum took the stage, the crowd was buzzing with excitement. He opened with “Hurricane,” immediately commanding the stage with his magnetic presence and rich vocals. His set was a perfect mix of hits and fan favorites, keeping everyone engaged from start to finish.

Songs like “Don’t Blame Me” and “Handle On You” had the crowd singing along, while “Like a Cowboy” and “Stoned” showcased McCollum’s deep emotional range. The up-tempo “Young Man’s Blues” had everyone dancing and cheering.

A standout moment was the duet of “Hell of a Year” with Corey Kent. Their chemistry was undeniable, electrifying the amphitheater. The poignant “Pretty Heart” and heartfelt “To Be Loved By You” received thunderous applause, affirming McCollum’s status as a beloved figure in contemporary country music.

McCollum’s versatility shone through with performances of “Big Old Fancy House” and “Wait Outside,” effortlessly transitioning between reflective ballads and high-energy anthems. As the evening drew to a close, the powerful “Burn It Down” left the audience in awe, capping off a night of phenomenal music and unforgettable moments.

Parker McCollum, with support from Corey Kent and George Birge, delivered a night that the Bangor crowd will remember for years to come. The cool, breezy night added a touch of enchantment to an evening filled with exceptional performances, making this concert a standout event of the year.

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