Nickelback’s Feed the Machine Tour with Daughtry & Shaman’s Harvest, July 7, 2017, Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion, Bangor, Maine

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Waterfront Concerts is heavy on rock music this 2017 summer series, and ticket sales say that fans approve. 13,500 plus fans packed into the venue Friday night for an evening of rock and roll, Nickelback-style, for the band’s Feed the Machine tour. Nickelback fans will tell you – these boys know how to have fun and put on a great night of music.

Starting out the night was Shaman’s Harvest, a heavy rock band out of Missouri. And, well, their performance was not what I was expecting – in a bad way. Maine Music News had been looking forward to their set for a few months now, but let’s just say that the music just didn’t translate to the stage. This is a shame because the band’s studio material is full of things to like: great vocals, bluesy rock guitar, lyrics that make you want to sing along, you name it. Check them out at, particularly their 2014 release, Smokin’ Hearts and Broken Guns. You’ll like them, I’m sure of it – don’t let this performance fool you.

Daughtry was up next. Starting off with a strong techno vibe for “Go Down,” the band kept up a solid set full of the hits as well as new material. This was a nice performance with the sound and quality we expect from Chris Daughtry, and yes, his vocals can still give you goosebumps. Daughtry has made his career with lyrics that hit home and solid, rock arrangements with a nice beat. What more can you ask for? He wrapped up the set “Home” and “September,” and happy fans were singing along to every line.

Then it was Nickelback’s turn. This band doesn’t waste a second and launched right into what the fans came to see – an all-out, kick ass rock show full of hits, lights, and all the music they love. Chad Kroeger was fun, full of comments, and just naughty enough. The substantial set list moved along easily with a blend of the familiar as well as material from their latest release. The sound was perfect. Fans were thrilled.

Notably, the band brought a big stage show with them, and it did not disappoint. In fact, it was remarkable. A semicircle video screen filled the back of the stage and allowed Kroeger to dominate the venue and send the performance to fans at the back of the venue. The camera work captured the band members’ performances with clever, iconic rock and roll angles that, when at least 30 feet high, made for a spectacle. And last but not least, the stage lights design was incredible – the right combination of engaging, interesting, and impressive – kudos to the designers!

Of course, it goes without saying that if you were one of the thousands of fans who showed up to see Nickelback on the Waterfront, you had a great time. As Kroeger said, the band needs to come back to Bangor again, and we would agree.

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