Marc Cohn at the Gracie Theater, Bangor, Maine, May 5, 2016

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“Put on my blue suede shoes and I boarded the plane …” You know the words, sing along. I bet you can even hear that piano. It is hard to believe, at least for those of us of a certain age, but Marc Cohn’s debut album, released in 1991, is celebrating twenty-five years, and the music is as powerful today as it was years ago, perhaps more so. Performing the album in order and in its entirety, Cohn walked fans at Husson University’s Gracie Theater through the album and the stories behind each song, adding depth and significance to the tunes we already knew by heart. Take a listen to the videos attached below to get an idea of what you missed.

This show was special, a veritable treat for the senses. It may have been because it was opening night for the tour, perhaps it was the Gracie’s intimacy, or it could have been that each song came fully accompanied by the memories of the listeners, but whatever the reason, the music, the stories, and the hall came to life. Performed as a trio with Glenn Patscha on keyboards, Joe Bonadio on percussion, and Cohn, of course, on piano, the musicianship was stunning, creating a sound so full it was hard to believe only three musicians were on the stage. The talent was palpable. And of course, Cohn’s vocals are as strong and as wonderful as ever. Amazing. If you are looking for more Marc Cohn music after you dust off the cd that you have in your collection, he has plenty to choose from at

Thank you to Waterfront Concerts for bringing fans these small, talent-driven shows to the Gracie Theater. Keep them coming.

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