Lance Lopez – A little Q and A

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Maine Music News: The first think I have to ask – Who is Lance Lopez and what journey did you take to bring you to where you are today?

LL: Well I could be here all day talking about my journey! (laughs) I was born in Louisiana, grew up in Texas, and have been playing the Blues since I was 12 years old. I started playing professionally in the bars of the French Quarter of New Orleans when I was 14. Was a sideman for many legendary R&B, Blues, Rock & Soul musicians throughout my teens and early 20’s before starting my solo career in my early 20s. I have released seven or eight albums and have toured extensively all over the world on my own for the last fifteen years. Now I have a new band, Supersonic Blues Machine. We formed out in LA, and I continue to work on my solo career…

Maine Music News: What brought you to the blues?

LL: My early childhood. I grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana. I can remember driving through an area called Cedar Grove, which is primarily African-American, and I remember seeing elderly gentleman sitting on the front porches with acoustic guitars playing what I would later discover to be Delta Blues. I thought it was the greatest sound I’d ever heard even at three years old. A couple of years later I saw BB King on Sanford & Son and my dad told me he was the greatest Blues singer of all time. When I was 12, my mother and I moved over to Dallas, Texas, from Louisiana. Two weeks after we moved there BB King was playing in concert so I asked her to take me. Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble were also on the bill. Seeing SRV perform was life changing and seeing Stevie Ray and B.B. jam together thrust me into wanting to play the Blues for the rest of my life!

Maine Music News: I see you play primarily Gibsons. Did you have an idol who played Gibsons growing up that led you to that choice or is there another reason?

LL: Well the 1959 Les Paul is a force of nature and anybody who plays one can really achieve some amazing things with it. Billy F. Gibbons and his 1959 Les Paul “Pearly Gates” pretty much wrote the gospel of Texas Blues Rock in the early 1970’s, and it was Billy that heard me play all kinds of guitars and gave me the nudge that the fatter the tone the better. Also, very early on, B.B. King encouraged me greatly to play Gibsons and said “LL, I would like to hear you on a good old Gibson one day”

Maine Music News: Looks like you do all your own song writing. Where do you pull inspiration from and can you give a couple of examples?

LL:  Actually I write a lot with some great collaborators of mine -keyboardist, Eric “Scorch” Scortia in Dallas, Fabrizio Grossi and Joey Sykes in L.A., and Eric Gales. I like to draw from real life which is what the Blues is – real life

Maine Music News: The cover photo of your latest release is great – it appears to be a live photo, and as a concert photographer myself, I have a great appreciation for a good live photo. Where was that taken and who is Mark Brickham, a friend? a concert photographer? (See photo above)

LL: Thanks Man! Yeah, Mark Bickham is great! He’s a Dallas-based photographer and photographs a lot of Texas and Oklahoma bands – Red Dirt, Country, Blues & Rock guys! He’s always at our shows in Texas and gets some great shots! Check him out on Facebook.
Maine Music News: How far will a tour extend in support of this album?

LL: Who knows? We hope all over the world. We’re still working on it…

Maine Music News: Well man, that’s about all I got for ya. I Really do love the album. Great Texas Blues style stuff there. I hope to catch you on the road soon.

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