Lamb Of God, Clutch, & Corrosion Of Conformity – State Theatre, Portland, Maine, May 9, 2016

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The first time I saw Lamb Of God I was on assignment to review a Mushroomhead show at the Asylum in Portland, Maine. Lamb Of God was one of two opening acts, and I recall that the band did quite well with the crowd. No surprise as that was mid-nineties and they have obviously done quite well for themselves over the years despite a few road blocks along the way. I remember writing at that time that singer Randy Blythe sings like Satan at the helm of the Titanic. A couple of weeks after the review came out he contacted me and said, “Thanks man, I owe you a beer.” Hey I’m still waiting for that beer, bro.

Opening the show were Corrosion Of Conformity, a band I was really looking forward to seeing as I remember digging them when they first hit the MTV show, Headbanger’s Ball. Many of the faces have come and gone in that band, but the core group is still intact. As a listener I really enjoyed their set, as did the audience, however as a photographer I was a bit disappointed. The band looked disheveled as if they had been sleeping in the back of a van, wearing the same clothes, and unable to shower for a week. Of course maybe they planned this look, and in any case it didn’t take away from their music.

Next up was Clutch. Clutch has a huge fan base and just headlined the State Theatre in Portland, Maine a year prior to this show, nearly selling out the place on their own. Clutch did very well and like COC received a great response from the audience. The band is quite unique and kind of crosses the lines of a metal band and a jam band at the same time. Singer Neil Fallon is fun to photograph and moves around a lot during their set.

Last up were Lamb Of God. The band has come a long way since the last time I saw them. Randy, still sounding like Satan, thrilled the crowd as he led the band through decades of material, Crowd surfers came over the barricade with full force, and the wall of sound was huge. The band was quite fun to watch, but like Clutch before them, the singer got the lion’s share of the shutter clicks. All in all, the show was great, and I walked away pleased.

Corrosion Of Conformity Set List:
Bottom Feeder – Paranoid Opioid – Broken Man – Seven Days – The Door- Vote With A Bullet – Albatross – Clean My Wounds

Clutch Set List:
X-Ray Visions – Firebirds! – Crucial Velocity – Decapitation Blues – The Soapmakers – A Quick Death in Texas – Sucker For The Witch – Unto The Breach – Cypress Grove – Mob Goes Wild – Gravel Road

Lamb Of God Set List:
Ruin – Walk With Me In Hell – Still Echoes – 512 – Desolation – Ghost Walking – Now You’ve Got Something To Die For – Descending – The Faded Line – Blacken The Cursed Sun – Anthropoid – Hourglass – Vigil – Laid To Rest – Redneck

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