Fresh Music Monday – The Temperance Movement

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tempmoveI first heard about The Temperance Movement, Britain’s answer to soulful, raw rock and roll, from Bobby Russell at WKIT 100.3 – Stephen King’s Rock and Roll Station. If you’re a regular WKIT listener then you have heard the punch this band packs, if not, let me get you up to speed with “Take It Back.”

The Temperance Movement is supporting Blackberry Smoke’s current US tour, as the brothers and sisters already know. You can catch them in New England – March 26th at Portland, Maine’s own State Theatre and March 27th at Boston’s House of Blues. This promises to be one hell of a good show and good for your soul, too.

Speaking of your soul, some would say that listening to The Temperance Movement is a walk through all that has ever been right in rock and roll music. It is nearly impossible to spin out a sentence that adequately relates the vintage influences at work here, not to mention the more recent blues and soul-drenched artists that flavor the sound. With all that going on, The Temperance Movement does not feel tired. No. This five-piece creates music that pays homage while putting their own energy and spin into lyrics and melodies. If you don’t feel both up lifted and dirty after listening to The Temperance Movement, either you weren’t paying attention or your soul is broken.

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