Fresh Music Monday – The Glorious Sons

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Rock and Roll Intel’s Fresh Music Monday

Rock and Roll Intel is happy to announce a new weekly post featuring the sound track to this office space.  100.3 WKIT – Stephen Kings Rock and Roll Station.

The Glorious Sons are a new band, together since 2013, and are on fire North of the Border.  Their second release, The Union, is nominated for Rock Album of the Year at the 2015 Juno Awards.  Take a listen to “Heavy” and you’ll know why.  Warning:  the content is graphic and the hook will eat into your brain.

If you liked “Heavy,” it is only the tip of this iceberg.  Check out singles “Mama” and “White Noise,” also on The Union.

The Glorious Sons will be at Brighton Music Hall, Allston, Mass, on March 10th in support of 10 Years.   Word has it these boys put on a fantastic live show.  Check them out if you’re in the area.

The Glorious Sons immediately caught my attention with their mix of blue-collar grit and the honest, strong vocal style of Brett Emmons – this young man just drips rock and roll.  The production and mix have nailed it with a winning, front-loaded pounding beat from Adam Paquette on drums and Chris Huot on bass, and smooth, dynamic guitar work from Jay Emmons and Andrew Young.  Focused on real life struggles and facing them head on, The Union’s lineup of songs offers variety and depth. If you grew up on Canadian rock, as I did, you’ll be able to hear, and feel, just a tickle of that here.  This is straight up, energizing rock and roll that leaves you feeling like a really good Saturday night.

You can purchase The Union at

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