Fresh Music Monday – Sky Valley Mistress

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Sky Valley Mistress should be on every classic rock music lover’s radar.  Out of the UK, this band has it all – a dirty and gritty rock sound, heady Black Sabbath and Zeppelin influence, and the one and only Kayley “Hell Kitten” Davies on vocals.  Watch:

[embedvideo id=”v=ZDUFo8wDVkQ” website=”youtube”]

Their latest, Rivals, Hounds, and Rebel Sisters, a three-song EP available on Bandcamp, may be short and sweet, but Sky Valley Mistress is packing a lot of punch on this release.  If you want more from Sky Valley Mistress, there is earlier material as well. Check out Dirty Blonde Blues:



What did I tell you? Davies’ vocals are hypnotic and powerful, strangely acute for her young age.  On guitar, Squire, plays crushing, steady, 60s-infused rock guitar that begs to be turned up louder and louder. One listen and I was hooked.  I haven’t heard anything quite like this lately but it seems like I’ve loved it forever.  The sound is dark and edgy and tantalizingly good.

Sky Valley Mistress came across the Maine Music News desk because they supported Southern rockers The Cadillac Three on their EU tour in March of 2015.  That must have been a wild, thumping rock show.

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