Fresh Music Monday – My Own Holiday

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The good folks at WKIT 100.3 – Stephen King’s Classic Rock Station, gave me a stack of newish CDs to roll through.  Immediately catching my attention was a CD out of California from the duo, My Own Holiday.  Only a few songs into their debut CD, Reason to Bleed, and I was very interested in hearing more.  But here’s the thing – this band is so fresh and new that there is very little for prospective fans to sink their teeth into, but we found this little gem of a link on Reverbnation – Take a listen.

My Own Holiday is made up of Joey Chrisman on guitar and vocals and Nick Bartolo on drums, and clearly these two have spent some time listening to the blues, but that isn’t the whole story – not even close.  Chrisman and Bartolo call their sound a broken-down approach to music, and this thirteen song CD is loaded with compositions that expand out to punk, give a touch of roots, slide through three-chord rock and roll, offer up a little grunge band, and even skip through a little early country. The simplicity of guitar and drum makes every single note here count, accentuating the diversity in the music.  Additionally, Chrisman’s vocals drag the listener closer into the songs.  Not particularly happy music, but clever and distinct and enjoyable – like a soundtrack to a ride through the desert at sundown.

You can get a hold of My Own Holiday’s Reason to Bleed at iTunes.

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