Fresh Music Monday – Blackberry Smoke – Holding all the Roses

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Dearly loved by the Brothers and Sisters but not yet a household name, Blackberry Smoke released their latest, Holding All the Roses, in February, going to number one on the country charts right out of the gate.

When it comes to Blackberry Smoke fans, the Brothers and Sisters will tell you to just listen and enjoy, and that is exactly what we’ll be doing Thursday, March 26th, at Portland’s own State Theatre when Blackberry Smoke takes the stage for one hell of a good show.  These boys sound sweet from the studio, but they are incredible live.  Catch them March 27th at Boston’s House of Blues, too.

Dubbed “too rock for country, too country for rock,” Blackberry Smoke is their own mix of sweet Southern rock, simultaneously vintage and innovative.  This latest collection stays true to that glorious ‘Smoke sound, but Holding All the Roses won’t help clarify the “is it country or is it rock” question a bit. Check these out, you’ll understand the quandary –

Holding All the Roses is addictive, getting better with each listen.  ‘Smoke maintains the core of clever lyrics, thick bluesy rock guitar work, and driving rhythm, but this collection is going new places, too.  This production feels more vast and airy than heavy, but it still rocks.  There is more old vinyl and smoky honky tonk, more Pink Floyd and The Outlaws, some well-placed  twang here and there as well, and a lot of attitude.  Holding All the Roses is exactly what music fans need as we wait out the last rattling gasps of winter.

Smoke One!

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