Fresh Music – Cody Canada and The Departed – HippieLovePunk

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Cody Canada fans will understand when I confess that my heart still has a little dent in it from the moment I learned my beloved Cross Canadian Ragweed called it quits. Seeing them live in a smoky Texas club was high on my bucket list. Apparently, I was not alone. Rejoice, Ragweed fans with HippieLovePunk, the January 2015 release from the latest Cody Canada-led incarnation.   This is what we’ve been waiting for.

Try out the first single, “Inbetweener.”

HippieLovePunk is a steady ride through the sweet spots of everything I love about the Ragweed vibe, but it is not a carbon copy of that band’s Red Dirt sound. This release shifts from driving, bluesy Southern rock guitar work to a definite countrified sound, and all the while it is sparse and airy, honest, and easy to sink into. There is a little punk beat and edge here from time to time as well. How does that work? I don’t know, but it does. I immediately gravitated to the heavier songs – “Comin’ to Me,” “Revolution,” and “Boss of Me” – but soon I’ll catch myself humming the softer, gentler songs because they will all find a place in my brain and burrow in.

Check out “Got It.”

Cody Canada’s guitar work is strong and forward, and not one to take any bullshit, so are his lyrics. The rhythm work from Chris Doege on drums and Jeremy Plato on bass is, as always, perfect, as is keyboard work from Steve Littleton. Other reviewers, and I agree, have stated that HippieLovePunk starts out strong and keeps getting better with every listen.

FYI – when you head to your local record store to pick up a copy of HippieLovePunk, you might have to look in the country bin to find your copy. Country is not how I would classify Cody Canada and the Departed, but nobody asked me.

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