Seether’s Shaun Morgan on Suicide Prevention and The Rise Above Fest 2016

Suicide. 10th leading cause of death in the US. 130+ deaths everyday.
There, got your attention?

I’m asking for a favor.

The Rise Above Fest will be back in Bangor for the 3rd time August 6th. This event is dedicated to raising awareness about suicide and mental health issues. I have had the pleasure of speaking with Shaun Morgan of Seether a couple of times, this last time I got to share the interview with Deke over at WKIT 100.3 HD. What Morgan has to say about suicide and how to help is important.

Spread it around, talk about it, please.

I don’t know anyone whose life hasn’t somehow been impacted, devastated even, by suicide, depression, or mental illness in some shape or form. The statistics are terrible and the issue rages on. What do we do?How can we help?

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