Blackberry Smoke – Fire in the Hole Tour – Photos – State Theatre – Portland Maine

Music lovers were treated to a bit of a Southern rock and roll Revival meeting in the dead of a long cold Maine winter Sunday night when Blackberry Smoke performed at Portland, Maine’s State Theatre February 16th before getting ready to hop across The Pond to support the EU release of their latest album, The Whippoorwill. Along with many other fans in attendance, I had been waiting a long time to see this band live, and it was worth the wait. I’d say I can scratch this off my bucket list, but now I just want to see them again.

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Christopher Joles was a teen when he discovered photography, about the same time he discovered rock and roll. It only makes sense that his dream was to combine the two mediums and photograph rock stars. Serving in the United States Air Force, Joles was stationed just a bus ride away from the hot spots of Great Britain’s historic rock and roll spectacles of the 1980s. On hand for many of the historic shows, and with many a story to tell, Joles went on years later to hone his photography skills as owner of Joles Photography, specializing in portraiture. The years behind the camera in his studio taught him one thing: it’s all about capturing the subject’s genuine emotion. As luck would have it, he has been able to take that knowledge to the foot of the stage. Owner of Maine Music News, a website covering concerts across Maine and the Boston area in photographs and reviews, Joles has now photographed many a rock star with many more on the bucket list.